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Curbside Pickup


  1. Request Items
    a. Request items through our online catalog here, or call us at (714) 528-1906 x8
  2. Wait for Notification or Check Your Account for the Most Current Status 
    a. The library will call or email you to confirm that your items are ready to pick up 
  3. Come to the Library
    a. Drive to the library and park in one of the two numbered curbside pickup spots to the right of the loading zone (please see map).  
  4. Call or Text Us
    a. Follow prompts on the designated parking signs. Please be prepared with your name, library card number, and parking spot number. Please have trunk open and remain in your car to avoid contact with staff. 
  5. We’ll Bring Out Your Items
    a. Staff will bring your items directly to you and place the items in your trunk to avoid physical contact.  
  6. Return Items to Library and Repeat
    a. Books and audiobooks are due in 3 weeks and DVDs are due in 1 week.
    b. Items can be returned to the library book drops. DVDs, Video Games and Audiobooks must be returned to the Gazebo book drop (please see map).