Zip Books

What is Zip Books?

Placentia Library is pleased to offer the community this grant funded service! ZipBooks is a pilot project funded by the California State Library to help enhance library collections and rapidly meet customer needs via direct delivery through Amazon. Thank you for your interest in this exciting pilot!

ZipBooks may be used when patrons request interlibrary items not owned by the Placentia Library District.

  • Request items via our Tell us what to buy! Form.
  • Only print books or audiobooks can be requested (per the pilot project guidelines).
  • Requests are reviewed and filled by the library staff.
  • Patrons are allowed five items per month. If more are requested, they won't be filled until the next month.
  • Item returns should go directly to the Placentia Library District Information Desk (i.e., not placed in book drops).
  • At the point of order, requestors provided name and address are given to our vendor Amazon to fulfill the request.

How it works:

  1. Search the catalog to verify that we don't own the book or book-on-cd.
  2. Is the book available for sale on for less than $50? Is the book-on-cd available from for less than $75? If so, fill out the form below. The price and ISBN should be available in the information.
  3. Five Zip Book request per person a month. We review Zip Book requests and if approved, the book will be mailed to your house, so verify your address below. If you provided an email address, you will receive a confirmation when the item is ordered.
  4.  Please return it to the Placentia Library District Information Desk within six weeks. Please do not return it in the book drop, as you will not receive credit for the return and you will have to pay the price of the item to use the Zip Book service again. When you return your book, you are welcome to request another, with a maximum five requests per month.
  5. Zip Books do not accrue any fees. You may return your Zip Book beyond the due date, but you will not be able to request a new Zip Book until it is returned.
  6. Books in other languages are welcome if they are available from Amazon. Out of print books may be requested if they meet the criteria and are available from Amazon. DVDs and eBooks are not available through the Zip Book program.