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RES 19-04.pdfRES 19-05.pdfRES 19-06.pdfResolution 19-07 COVID-19 Administrative Leave.pdfResolution 19-08 COVID-19 Library Closure.pdfResolution 20-01 FY 19-21 Budget Amendments.pdfResolution 20-02.pdfResolution 20-03.pdfResolution 20-04.pdfResolution 21-01 2nd VP ISDOC.pdfResolution 21-02 2021-2023 Fiscal Year Budget.pdfResolution 21-03 2021-2023 Fiscal Year Holiday Closure Schedule.pdfResolution 21-04 2021-2023 Fiscal Year Fines & Fee Schedule.pdfResolution 21-05 GANN Appropriations Limitation 2019-2020 Fiscal Year.pdfResolution 21-06 GANN Appropriations Limitation 2020-2021 Fiscal Year.pdf

Resolution 21-07 GANN Appropriations Limitation 2021-2022 Fiscal Year

Resolution 21-08 for 2022 Regular Meeting Dates.pdfResolution 2022-01 to Censure Trustee Shioura.pdfOrdinance 2022-01 Establishing By-District Elections of Five Trustees.pdfResolution 2022-03 Amending the Budget for the 2022-2023 Fiscal Year.pdfResolution 2022-04 Transition to District-Based Election System.pdfResolution 2022-05 Impact Fee Study.pdfResolution 2022-06 GANN Limits.pdfResolution 2022-07 State Grant.pdfResolution 2022-08 Appointments for the Office of Trustee.pdfResolution 2022-09 Adopting District Map and Sequence of Election.pdfResolution 2022-10 Establishing Board of Trustees Regular Meeting Dates for 2023.pdfResolution 2022-11 Holiday and Library Closures for FY 23-25.pdfResolution 2023-01 Endorsement for Trustee Nelson for ISDOC 3rd VP Update.pdfResolution 2023-02 California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Commission.pdfResolution 2023-03 Adopt the 2023-2025 Fiscal Year Budget.pdfResolution 2023-04 Establish the Holiday and Library Closure for Fiscal Years 2023-2025.pdfResolution 2023-05 Establish Appropriations Limitation for Fiscal Year 2023-2024.pdfResolution 2024-01 Ownership of 457(b) Plans.pdf