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Placentia Library District Director Message (December 31, 2020)

December 31, 2020

Dear Placentia Library District Patrons,

Happy New Year’s Eve! As we close out 2020, we are reminded of the kindness and
empathy our community has shown for one another during one of our most difficult times
in recent history. We are thankful for the many memories you have shared with us as your
families spent time watching our virtual storytime, experimenting with our STEAM activities,
and gathering to finish one of our take home kit projects.

2021 brings new light and hope for a pathway to “normalcy.” Before we can get to
“normalcy,” we must continue to practice safety measurements (masks, social distance,
hand washing & sanitizing) and not put our guard down because of the availability of
the COVID-19 vaccines.

If you are wondering when you can get vaccinated, the Orange County Health Care
Agency (OCHCA) has established a timeline for the distribution of vaccinations here in
Orange County. This timeline is based on the National Academy of Sciences Prioritization.

Phase 1A – Critical and Healthcare Workers
Estimated time of Vaccine Distribution: December - March

Tier 1 – Acute care, psychiatric any correctional facility hospitals, skilled nursing facilities,
assisted living facilities, and similar settings for older or medically vulnerable individuals
and residents in these settings. Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and
others providing emergency medical services, and dialysis centers.

Tier 2 – Intermediate care facilities for persons who need non-continuous nursing
supervision and supportive care. Home health care and in-home supportive services,
community health workers, including promotoras. Public health field staff, primary care
clinics, including Federally Qualified Health Centers, Rural Health Centers, correctional
facility clinics and urgent care clinics.

Tier 3 – Specialty clinics, laboratory workers, dental and other oral health clinics, and
pharmacy staff not working in settings at higher tiers.

Phase 1B & 1C – High-Risk Individuals
Estimated time of Vaccine Distribution: January – March

California Department of Public Health (CDPH) is developing detailed guidance for this
distribution phase. OCHCA will provide additional information as it becomes available.

Phase 2 – Critical Wokers and Moderate-Risk Individuals
Estimated time of Vaccine Distribution: February – April

CDPH is developing detailed guidance for this distribution phase. OCHCA will provide
additional information as it becomes available.

Phase 3 & 4 – Everyone
Estimated time of Vaccine Distribution: April – June

Populations not identified in phases 1 – 2 above, will be addressed and defined further
by CDPH.

Orange County resident’s vaccination group will be determined by a number of factors,
such as: work settings, direct contact with COVID-19 PATIENTS, RECENT POSITIVE covid-19
test result or infection, pregnant or breastfeeding, history of severe allergic reactions to
injected medications or vaccinations, age, existing comorbidities, and/or living
environment – congregate facility or long-term care facility. Orange County’s
vaccination distribution is currently at Phase 1A.

We encourage you to visit OCHCA’s website to learn more as information is updated. As
updates become available, we will be proactive in providing such information to you in
a timely manner, through our Director’s messages.

As the Year of the Ox approaches and like its personality, we wish you and your family
health, strength, calm, patience, and inspiration.

Jeanette Contreras

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