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Placentia Library Director Message ( March 15, 2020)

Dear Placentia Library District Patrons:

Our first day with modified service levels during the COVID-19 epidemic went as smoothly as we had hoped for. Recognition goes to our staff for their swift actions, setting up the temporary passport and pickup work stations to ensure we were ready to serve you bright and early yesterday. A few of you even commented on the fast turn-around and believe me when I say I couldn’t be prouder of our team. In my 29 years of library career, I have not worked with a more dedicated team whose hearts and minds are consistently on the community. They are amazing (of course you knew that though)!

So what took place yesterday? Staff provided service to approximately 100 patrons which included an increase of over 80% in requests from our average of 10 on a Saturday. Sixty visitors either processed passport applications or inquired about the process.  Our staff were also busy answering 150 reference questions while running between the community meeting room and the main library area to retrieve the requested library items for our patrons. We experienced a few technological hiccups and will work on getting those fixed to enhance our service to you. During my visit yesterday, I was moved seeing families coming in for their passports and happily picking up and returning books. It certainly validated the importance of libraries and the essential services we provide, especially during difficult times such as this.

For the most part our patrons were understanding of the situation and appreciated the access to library materials through our pickup service.  With all the changes, there were a couple of patrons who weren’t happy with the unavailability of computers. While we understand the frustration some people may be feeling, the decision to provide minimal service was not taken lightly. We believed shutting down the library completely was not an option, especially considering 22 libraries have already closed with more expected next week. Library closures include Anaheim, Buena Park, Riverside, Los Angeles City, San Diego, Glendora, Santa Monica, Redondo Beach, Salinas, Mountain View, San Mateo County, Calabasas, Sierra Madre, Contra Costa County, Monterey, South City, Oakland, Pleasanton, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, and Oakland.

As the little ones are home for the next few weeks why not let them share a book or two and watch some movies with them. We’re happy to fulfill those needs, just call our staff at 714-528-1906 x209 and x210. We are grateful for your patience during this time. Stay safe and be compassionate with one another.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Jeanette Contreras
Library Director

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