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Internet Access Policy

The Placentia Library provides internet access in fulfillment of its mission to make available materials and services that satisfy the educational and informational needs of the community.

  • Users of these services need a Placentia or Anaheim Library Card. (Guest Passes are available only to persons living outside Orange County.) When all computers are busy, a reservation can be made at the Reservation Station.
  • Each computer user is guaranteed 30 minutes of uninterrupted use per session, with a limit of 2 hours per day if available.
  • No more than two people per terminal.
  • Only web-based email (e.g. Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo!Mail) is available.
  • Patrons must refrain from illegal use of the Internet and respect copyright law.
  • Downloading of materials (i.e. software) from the Internet onto the computer hard drive is not allowed. Patrons may not install programs onto the computer. Files may be printed or saved to a USB flash drive.
  • Patrons under the age of 18 may have access to “filtered” Internet only. Unfiltered access is available to adult patrons upon request. Adult patrons may request this change at the Reference Desk.
  • Patrons using unfiltered access must use a computer with a privacy screen. Do not attempt to remove a privacy screen from a computer.
  • In order to print, first click “print” at your computer. Go to the Print Release Station and follow the posted instructions. Each black & white page costs $ 0.15 and each color sheet costs $0.50.

While the Library strives to provide access to sources with valuable information, the ultimate responsibility for the accuracy and usefulness of the information obtained belongs to the patron. The Library does not control the information available through the internet and cannot be held responsible for its content. Internet users must also respect the rights and privileges of other patrons.