Wacky Wednesday Program: Thor's Reptile Family

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Mark your calendars!

Wacky Wednesday Programs are coming your way during our Summer Reading Program at 2:00 p.m. in the Quiet Study area. Join our family-friendly, fun performances!


August 1 – Thor’s Reptile Family!
Take a safari around the world to learn about the lives of arthropods, amphibians and reptiles of all sizes. An educational and entertaing show featuring herbivores, carnivores, insectivores and omnivores, Oh my!

August 8 – Dave Skale the Magician!
Come see Dave the Magician tell the story of “How Reading Takes You EVERYWHERE!” Your children and whole family will be entertained. Audience participation is highly encouraged.

411 E. Chapman Ave.
92870 Placentia , CA
(714) 528-1906