Challenge #2 - Hangar Maker Tournament


  • Submissions for Challenge #2 must be received by 8pm on May 25th to be considered for Challenge #2 Grand Prize.
  • Grand Prize winner for Challenge #2 will win a $50 Michaels gift card, announced May 29th.
  • Participants with complete submissions for all three challenges in the Hangar Maker Tournament by 8pm on June 29th will automatically receive a $20 Michaels gift card.
  • Late submissions for Challenge #1 will still count towards tournament participation award! For Paper Mache Challenge submission guidelines, click here.



  • Children, Teens, and Adults are invited to participate.
  • Watch the video tutorial on the Hangar’s youtube playlist to learn the basics of making 3D structures out of cardboard
  • Check out the links in the video’s description for more helpful instructions and project ideas

STEP 2: On your mark…get set… Make! 

  • Create a cardboard structure that can hold at least 1 pound of weight
  • You can use any type of tape or glue to assemble, but the majority of the structure MUST be made of cardboard
  • All entries must be original
  • Bonus Points for structures that are especially beautiful or resemble famous landmarks

STEP 3: Entry Submission 

  • Email us at: 
  • Entries must include: 
    • Subject: CARDBOARD 
    • First and Last name 
    • Email address
    • Phone Number
    • Photo or Video of your original art piece 
    • Bonus points (not required): Social Media platform used and handle 
      • If you don’t already, follow the Placentia Library on Facebook (@PlacentiaLibrary) and/or Instagram (@Placentialib).
      • Post a photo or video of your finished piece. Posts must tag Placentia Library AND use both hashtags: #MadeAtPLD and #HangarMakerTournamentPart2
  • 1 Entry per person or team.