Placentia Library District Honored at Statewide Conference

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Oct 22, 2018
October 22, 2018
Contact: Neil McCormick
Chief Executive Officer

Placentia Library District Honored at Statewide Conference

Placentia, CA — The Placentia Library District received the Innovative Program of the Year Award for a small district by the California Special Districts Association (CSDA) during the association’s Annual Conference and Exhibitor Showcase, which was held in Indian Wells from September 24-27, 2018.

The Placentia Library District was awarded for their “Library of Things” (LOTs) program. Launched in June of 2017, this innovative program was a response to the community’s evolving needs, and their needs are beyond what people typically think of libraries, which is books. The district’s LOTs program gives people free access to borrow a huge spectrum of items, from board games, party supplies, Nintendo Switch and leaf blowers, kitchen appliances, musical instruments, and drones, without the burden of ownership. The Library of Things movement, emerging in communities around the world, challenges people to rethink whether we need (or want) to own goods we rarely use. It also brings people together around a shared vision and reduces wasted resources. Since its beginning of the district’s LOTs program, there have been over 300 check outs, local news coverage for the innovative nature of the program, and such a high demand for the items that they plan to expand their collection.

The library is no longer just a place to check out books. It has expanded its scope of services and has become a valuable resource for those living on a tight budget. The concept of leasing products and services rather than owning them has picked up a lot of followers in recent years. For many of the things that Placentia Library District’s patrons find themselves using perhaps once or twice, or things they would like to test out before making a purchase, LOTs is the solution. “As the community grows, we want to grow with it,” said Board President Gayle Carline of Placentia Library District.

The criteria for this award included originality of program, tangible and positive results produced and a documented decrease in district costs or a demonstrated improvement in the district’s quality of service without significantly increasing costs.

The California Special Districts Association is a 501c(6), not-for-profit association that was formed in 1969 to promote good governance and improved core local services through professional development, advocacy and other services for all types of independent special districts.

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