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A Lion Called Christian

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Has anyone seen the video of the reunion of Christian, Ace, and John?

Why is the YouTube video so popular?

What do you think about keeping a lion in the basement?

Isn’t it ironic that the place they lived was called “World’s End”?

Do you think Ace and John were careless?

At the African reserve, was Boy a good choice to have around with Christian? Did he help or hinder Christian’s adaptation?

Do you think they were the right owners of a lion cub?

What do you think happened to Christian?

What do you think of the choices they made? Window concerns, cleaning lady, in the shop, courtyard, food…

Were they educated enough to have such an animal?

Do you think taking Christian to Africa was the right thing to do?

Has anyone here owned an exotic pet? What kind? What’s the difference? Is there a difference/line for owning exotic animals?

What do you think about how they “raised” him? They knew they couldn’t keep him forever from the start- how did that impact their relationship and ownership of the animal?

Magazines and newspapers wanted Christian to appear wild and frightening- why? What did they do to try to change this? Why?

In what ways was Christian an unusual Lion?


  • Questions By Venessa Faber