Book Endowment Fund

Book Endowment donations are invested, and the interest is allocated each year for book purchases. A $250 donation will purchase one book per year, in perpetuity.

Legacy Gifts

You can ensure that your annual giving goes on forever, even if your estate is limited.

For each $250 increment given to the Book Endowment Fund, the principal is invested and the interest is used to purchase a book, magazine or other collection item each year for Placentia Library. Each year, a Book Endowment Fund book plate with the donor's name is placed in a new book.

Gifts to the Book Endowment Fund are reviewed on an annual basis in order to recognize donors who have crossed the cumulative $250 mark.

Named endowments begin at $10,000 and allow the donor the opportunity to sponsor a program or a designated section of the Library's collection.

The Gordon & Dixie Shaw Endowment sponsors the Lapsit programs for children from birth through 3 years, along with their parents and caregivers.

Gifts of more than $50 that are undesignated will be used for the capital project currently being sponsored by the Placentia Library Friends Foundation, or it will be deposited in the Book Endowment Fund.