Computers in the Library

In order to allow fair access to its public computers, the Placentia Library uses a reservation system. You will need to have a current Placentia or Anaheim Library card in order to use a Library computer. If all computers are being used, you can use your Library card number to reserve a 30-minute session on the next available computer.  Computer use is limited to two hours per day per patron.

Visitors to the area may also get a Guest Login from the staff at the Reference Desk for computer access.

In the Adult Reference and Children's areas, the Library's public computers run Microsoft Windows XP, and have Microsoft Word 2003, Excel 2003 and Powerpoint 2003. In the Computer Lab, the public computers run Microsoft Windows 7 and Office 2010.  You can print your work or save it to your USB flashdrive.

Express Internet Stations (Temporarily Unavailable)

The Library offers 5 Express Internet stations located at the Reference Desk that provide quick access to the Internet for periods of up to 15 minutes.  No reservation or library card is required.  The Express Internet stations do not include Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint and do not have printing abilities.  One of the Express Internet stations is wheelchair-accessible.

Wireless Internet Access

You may bring your laptop to our building (or to the Plaza outside) and connect using our wireless access.

Children's Computers

The Children's section has a number of computers available for Children only.  Adults are not permitted to use computers in this area.  Children's computers are reserved using a similar process used in the Adult area.

Placentia Library Friends Foundation Computer Lab

Thanks to the generosity of the Placentia Library Friends Foundation, the Library has a 12-seat computer training lab.  Various computer workshops are offered (see the event schedule or call 714-528-1906 x209 for details), and when not used for training the computers are available to be used as public computers for adults.

To see the Library's Internet Access Policy, click here.